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Who's Taken, Who's Left

The Truth In GOD's Word Radio Broadcasts

Radio Broadcasts - Full Length

Boyd and Andy Bell

1Jesus - The Way !!2The Deceitfulness Of Riches3The Holy City4The Spirit Giveth Life5Who Am I !!6Who's Taken, Who's Left7Sowing The Right Way8Running From That Woman9The Conclusion Of The Whole Matter10The Old And New Testament Is The Word Of GOD11What Happened On The Day Of Pentecost12It Is Written13Fishers Of Men14As Thy Soul Prospereth15The Former And The Last Sacrifice16Reveal His Glory Through Your Lifestyle17Be Careful With Your Words18Is Your Name Written ?19Charity20The Blood21The Eternal GOD - Jehovah22The Annointing , Part-223The First Words Of Jehovah GOD24In The Beginning25The Wages Of Sin26The Wrath Of Jehovah GOD27The Virtuous Woman28Follow GOD's Order29Stay Out Of Sin30I Am, That I Am31Jesus, GOD's Sacrifice For Man32The Covenant33Who I Was, Who I Am, And Who I am Going To Be34Beware Of Philosophy And Vain Deceit35Seek Ye The LORD While He May Be Found36The Body Of Christ37The Gifts Of The Spirit38What Happened To The Seed39The Power Of The Holy Spirit40The Children Of The Kingdom41The Annointing , Part-142You Are Blessed - Matthew 5 : 1 - 1043Watch Your Words44Walk Worthy Of The Lord45The Deception Of Rapture46The White Horses47Believe The Word48You Must Believe49The New Testament50The Lamb Has Prevailed51The Church Of The Firstborn52The Three States Of satan53What House Will Ye Build For Me ?54Wait Upon The LORD55What's In A Name56What Have You Done To Jesus ?57The Words Of Your Mouth58Manifestation Of The Sons Of GOD59Jesus, The Son Of GOD60Jesus The Holy One Of Israel61A Spiritual House62Jesus ! GOD's sacrifice for man.

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