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9 ways to ease wear and tear pain

Jul 27, 2018

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Joint wear and tear is a chronic problem, but it needn't take over your life. Here are a few simple self-care tips to help ease the pain of wear and tear


Joint wear and tear is a chronic problem that requires immediate attention. Any persistent pain or discomfort in the joints, whether it be the wrists or the knees, should be discussed with your doctor. This is because wear and tear often leads to bigger, nastier long term problems, such as arthritis and osteoarthritis, which are much harder to live with and require much more intensive treatment.


Many things cause joint wear and tear, from aging to a poor diet, but if you look for the early warning signs you will be able to make a few simple lifestyle changes to keep your joints healthier for longer. Here are some of the ways to ease your joint pain.


ways to ease wear and tear pain এর ছবির ফলাফল


Whether you live a very active life or a mostly sedentary one, it is important to interrupt your normal routine at least every hour to take a 5 to 10-minute rest. If you are on your feet most of the day, this might involve sitting with a cup of tea for a few minutes, whereas if you're sitting at home or work, take the time to stretch your legs with a short walk around the room.


Move your legs

Before getting up after a long period of sitting or lying down, including first thing in the morning, move your legs, ankles and feet around for a couple of minutes to get some oxygenated blood flowing to them. This is so that when you do stand up, you're not bringing all your weight down on stiffened joints.


Choose the right footwear

If your shoes are falling apart, they're not going to provide your knees and back with adequate support. The best shoes for joint support are closed toe, and neither too big or too small. If your knees are the main source of pain, avoid any shoe with an elevated heel.


Take care while using stairs

Take stairs slowly, using the handrail to support yourself, which will take some pressure off your knees.


ways to ease wear and tear pain এর ছবির ফলাফল

Be careful when moving and lifting

Do not lift more than you can manage, even if this means making multiple trips. Try to balance weight as well, for example, with shopping bags, carry a roughly equal weight in each hand. Before moving a heavy object from one location to another, ensure that the path is clear of obstacles, and bend down in a squat to lift it, rather than bending forwards from the hips.


Drink plenty of water

This will ensure that you always have plenty of liquid in your joints.


Improve your diet

Take all the usual advice, such as plenty of fruits, vegetables and calcium, but also consider increasing the amount of food you consume containing mucopolysaccharides. These acids, which can be found in pork and ox meat, absorb water, acting as a natural lubricant for the body in order to strengthen and recuperate your joints. They do tend to contain a lot of saturated fat however, so do not eat them in excess.


Watch your vitamin intake

Vitamin C, found in most fruits, helps the body form collagen, bone tissue and cartilage. Vitamin A, from carrots, broccoli and liver, helps to strengthen and regenerate bone, and vitamin D, which dairy products and fatty fish are rich in, promotes the absorption of calcium and phosphorous, to keep bone problems at bay. 


Seek professional advice

If the pain does start to become too difficult to manage, despite the advice above, seek help from a medical professional like a chiropractor.


This article was written by Forn ham Chiropractic Clinic.