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How To Find Your Relatives

Sep 03, 2018

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There are a number of reasons you would want to find a distant relative. You might want to reach out to a long lost aunt, uncle, or cousin you haven’t heard from in years. You might also be curious if there’s anybody in your bloodline living anywhere near you. There’s a couple of ways to find out, depending on your objective.

How to Find Lost Family

Before setting out to find a lost relative, you should compile a list of everything you know about them. When was the last time you saw them? Where were they living? Were they married? If so, to whom? These are common sense questions to set up a launching point for your search.

Search Engines

Google is a logical first step, so make sure you have their full name spelled correctly. Enter additional information you might know along with their name, like the city you last remember them living in, or the high school they graduated from. Maybe type in the name of their spouse also, if they were married. You might also try meta search engines, like Webcrawler or Monster Crawler. These pool matches from multiple search engines in addition to Google.

Social Media

Social media is also a highly likely place where you might find a lost relative. Three-quarters of all Americans supposedly have a Facebook profile these days, so try there. Facebook has search functions that let you search by location and groups, in addition to the name. Check out the list of friends on the profiles of family members you know.

Background Check Services

These days, there are many people using search website services like CheckThem that help you instantly find people. Online background check services scour millions of federal, state, and county public records to find information relative to the search subject. A standard background check typically reveals any court, criminal, marital, and business records on a person, in addition to who their living relatives are.

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