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Investment Advice

Dec 04, 2008

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Investment Advice

Investment Advice - Matthew 25:14-28

1. You must know the rules of investing

A. You must know the results that are sought
what are the objectives
a1. Growth
Personal Growth Gal. 5:22
Growth of God’s Kingdom - Matt. 28:19-20

a2.Current Demands/returns
Honoring God - Exodus 20:24
Repentance - 2 Chronicles 7:14 - Following His commands - Deut. 11:26-28
Ministering - Feels good to help others
Meet needs of others
Reach others on their level
Planning for retirement - Heaven that is
Heaven is our true home - Phil. 3:20-21
Heavenly rewards - Matt. 5:12, Luke 6:35
Estate Planning
Train your children in the ways of the Lord
Sharing your faith

2. Implement the right investment strategies

B. Buy low, sell high
- Jesus met people at their low points and helped them to achieve new heights in their lives.
The sick, the lonely, the broken hearted, a life without the hope and renewal of
Jesus Christ is always the lowest purchase point

C. Invest for the long term
- Seek to let God change your life
- Seek to let God use you to change the life of others

D. Preservation of capital
- Disciplining
- Studying the scriptures
- Prayer
- Worship

E. Adapt your investment strategy towards current market trends
- The gospel message is for everyone and should be shared on a level understood by all who hear 1 Corinthians 9:19-22
- Christ adapted his message to those he was trying to reach
- The woman at the well
- The calling of the disciples
- Parables
- The underlying truth doesn’t change, only the method of implementation

F. Make consistent additions to your portfolio
- Continually seek to learn, serve, minister; proactive not stagnant

3. Invest in those things with a proven track record
- Fellowship
Produces unity
Produces warmth
End Result - Identifies you as a member of the body of Christ

- Discipleship
Produces a deeper knowledge of the scriptures
A deeper understanding of God
A deeper love for Christ
A deeper understanding for our need for God
End Result - To become more like Christ in thoughts, actions and feelings

- Worship
Expresses our love of God
Lifts our spirits
strengthens us in times of weakness
Focuses us on God and His mighty power
End Result - Loving the Lord with all your heart

- Ministry
Allows us to meet the needs of others
Allows us to show a hurting world the love of Jesus
End Result - Demonstrating God’s love to others by meeting their needs and
healing their hurts in the name of Jesus

- Evangelism
Allows us to share our “hot tip” - Salvation through Jesus
Allows us to see lives changed
End Result - Telling the whole world the message of Jesus’ coming, His
death, burial, resurrection and His promise to return.

4. Diversification leads to a balanced solid portfolio
- Each investment vehicle will produce some results, but only a combined portfolio will produce consistency and return on investment in all of life’s situations.

5. Results will not be attained until your capital has been invested
- God is seeking to use each one of us

Shared by William Bolivar, CPA
(Certified Public Accountant/Christian Professional Accountant)
Taken from the sermon of Pastor Carl Willis, Senior Pastor-Simplicity Church Network, Texas, USA