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Bible & Prayer - Exclusive Teaching with Pastor Mike Spaulding

Bible & Prayer - Exclusive Teaching with Pastor Mike Spaulding

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Happy Fathers Day To Our Heavenly Father...

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Who Is Church Really Meant For? Not Who You Think!

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Prayer is Spiritual Warfare

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Is God Pleased With Our Worship?

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When we were on Christ's mind

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I Found Sweet Satisfaction Part 1 of 3

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Power of Your Words - Acts 9

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Linda's Encounters

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Who is Church Meant For? Not who you Think!

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Introducing Dr. Mike's Series!

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How to Overcome Addictions & Strongholds. A study with a 21 year old

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Take5 with Mike #1 I Peter 1

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Take5 with Mike #6 - I Jn 4 The Great Love Christ has for You. 1 John 3

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Take5 with Mike #5: I Jn 3:8 Jesus Came to Destroy the Works of the Devil

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Take5 with Mike #7 - Ezra

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Take5 with Mike #3: 1 John 2 How the Enemy Tries to Deceive Us

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Take5 with Mike #4 I Jn 2 Boastful Pride of Life: Keeping up with the Jones'

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Take5 with Mike: Spiritual Warfare Pt.1 Matthew 12

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Witch teaches Baptist Sunday School to use Ouija Board. LIVE

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3.11.19 California: Testing Ground For Government Control. Future At Risk! LIVE

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12.3 "God Bless America! Let's Kill Another Baby" Coach Dave Daubenmire

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1.28 Cult Abused Her While Singing Gospel Songs...Parents, Wake Up!

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David Heavener Live Mondays 8pm EST

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3.4.19 I'd Married a Satanist. Lisa Part 2 LIVE

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5.20 Is Your Neighborhood a Demon Portal? Cities Have Been Taken Over!

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2.11.19 LIVE The Enemy is Terrified of this Kind of Faith!

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3.4.19 She Had 17 Personalities! Lisa's story Pt. 1 of 3

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5.20 This Girl Casts Out Demons...Inside Church!

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