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Right to Life: We're Committed to Protecting Innocent Life

Right to Life: We're Committed to Protecting Innocent Life

DavidHeavenerCherishing all life - including the preborn, trafficked, abused and women dealing with abortion

*Text or VM your email for access assistance: (615) 861.9659 info@DavidHeavener.tv

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The Option Episode 2. She wants their baby. He doesn't.

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The Option - An Exclusive Series. Episode 1

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The Option (Trailer): an Exclusive Series on David Heavener TV

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Behind the Scenes: The Making of the 1st Series on our Network "The Option"

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Witches Behind New York KILL BILL...Your Children Are Next!

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God Bless America! With Guest Coach Dave Daubenmire

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The Ultimate Trafficking of Human Body Parts Revealed...Guess Who's Funding It!

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Escorting a Baby to his or her Death! How it's Done!

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This Hospital Just Murdered Twin Babies! And We Remain Silent? Coach Dave

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Still I Wonder

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Why we made the Right to Life Channel!

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