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Live Stream + Preview Channel

Live Stream + Preview Channel

DavidHeavenerJoin us every Monday from 8-9pm for David Heavener Live, for truth-centered discussions and powerful prayer. Also, see a preview of what you'll receive on DHTV on this channel!

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Witch teaches Baptist Sunday School to use Ouija Board

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Cult Abused Her While Singing Gospel Songs...Parents Wake Up!

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Human Trafficking - WHERE's the Church?!! Annie Lobert's Story

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Satan is Terrified of This Kind Of Faith! LIVE! 2-11-19

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What Is David Heavener TV?

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Why Hollywood Hates Trump And Our Children! Promo

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Welcome to DHTV!

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Last Evangelist Commercial

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Is Oil Flowing From this Bible? (Preview Only)

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Filmmaking Academy...Launch Your Career!

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About The Actors For Christ Channel

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David's Mission Statement

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Programed Multiples In The Church! Russ Dizdar Premiers 7/21/18

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Mike Spaulding. Does God Hear a Sinner's Prayer? by Dr. Mike Spaulding

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Dr. Mike Spaulding introduces his upcoming series on the Bible & Prayer channel

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Christians Prepare For Persecutions And Beheadings In America

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Who is Church Meant For? Not who you Think!

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BTS "The Option" premiering soon

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Welcome to the Actors for Christ Channel!

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David Heavener Live Mondays 8pm EST

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Welcome to the Last Evangelist Channel!

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Welcome to the Right to Life Channel!

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Welcome to the Academy of Film & Acting Channel!

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Launching:The Supernatural Channel

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