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Archives (& Underground Chat)

Archives (& Underground Chat)

DavidHeavener"Underground" features discussion not allowed on YouTube. You have exclusive access. Email us so we can send the new weekly link. Fellowship as long as you like with believers worldwide. Email info@DavidHeavener.tv or text your email to 615.861.9659.

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Tom & Tim: Cancel Culture; Charities are a front for Border Trafficking

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Underground Church: Canada Fights Back

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Underground: How we are being subjected to Mind Control via Technology

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Attacked in Dreams

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How close are we to Judgement Day?

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Is this the Final Hour?

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She spoke with her dead father through the Ouija Board

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Gods Military Is Rising! David Heavener LIVE 01-18-2021

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Trafficking Hotline 702.883.5155

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Annie Lobert, Former Prostitute

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What's driving this Grandmother to fight with a lawsuit?

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Christians Raising the Dead. Sgt Mike McGrew

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Underground: Patti Height - How Christians can love gays 9.28.20

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Cured of Schizophrenia: Desiree's Story

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Mega-Church Mind Control. "Why I left James' McDonald's Church" Christy's story

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Watchmen on the Wall with Founders Mike & Jeannie

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Omega Dynamics with Marine Jamie Walden

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Casting pearls before Swine? Disconnect the Deadbeats

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How God uses Earthquakes! Dr Michael Spaulding

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How to Cleanse Your Home

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Meet The New Moses: Mike & Jeannie

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She Overcame Eating Disorders & Alcoholism

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Does Sin make you Sick?

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What do we need to know about Prayer? Pastor Mike Spaulding

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Depression, Anxiety, Panic Attacks.

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The Way Elderly are Treated is Sinful!

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Demons of Divorce - Witches Cast Hex on Marriages. Jen's question

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Witches Want you to have Your Best Life Now! MegaChurches are using Sorcery

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Antichrist Behind Antifa Riots. Police Become Extinct

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