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GPProductionsClash Daily News is a mosh pit of breaking news, edgy opinion, lots of attitude, and a call to action for patriots that love God & country.

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The Fight for Faith and the Christian Worldview with Dinesh D’Souza!

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WATCH: Doug & Rich Discuss Kaepernick and Christianity

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Violence Seems To Be The Soup du Jour For The Radical Left

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Who Would Jesus Troll? Should Christians Argue With Idiots On Social Media?

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Judge Jeanine Goes On The Warriors & Wildmen Podcast And It Gets Crazy

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Watch: Christian Dads Say, ‘Kids Should Be Taught How To Shoot Guns’

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LISTEN: Pastor Says, A Christian Can't Be A Liberal And Be Faithful To God

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Rich and Doug Go Full Metal Jacket On Liberals

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Doug Giles: Warrior and Wildmen

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Dear Trump Haters, Trump got Kim Jong to negotiate peace.

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Female Preacher Has Bro REPENT To All Women - We Call BS

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Long Ashes & Big Butts

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Dear Christian: When's The Last Time Your Pastor Spoke On The Fear Of God?

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WATCH: Last American To Leave Fascist Facebook, Bring The American Flag!

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Great People Grow When Opposed- So, What's Your Problem?

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Are Gossip, Slander And False Accusations Still A Sin?

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Christians & Voting: Does God Care Who Gets Elected?

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Depression: How to Kick Depression’s Ass (Part 2)

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Depression: How to Kick Depression’s Ass (Part 1)

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Dear Parents: Make Sure Your Kid Has Badass Coaches & Mentors

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Two Bros Discuss How To Keep Your Kid From Being An Entitlement Sponge

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