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Dr. Kazumba Charles

Dr. Kazumba Charles

KITV NetworkEvangelist, Dr. Kazumba Charles is an International Conference Speaker, Bible Teacher Author and Minister of the Gospel. Through his ministry the Holy Spirit has Awakened the hearts of people to the Presence and Power of God. Millions have experienced healing, deliverance, salvation, awakening and restoration through the ministry of this humble servant of God. For more, visit www.kazumbacharles.org

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A Muslim Woman Encounter with Jesus ~(8 minutes Testimony Trailer)

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Unstoppable Faith, Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Praying from a Position Of Authority ~Part 2, Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Praying From a Position of Authority Part 1, Dr. Kazumba Charles

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God's Supernatural Power, Dr. Kazumba Charles

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The Mercedes Wilson Show- With Mercedes Wilson

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Offense - A Bait of The Devil - Part II, Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Offense - A Bait of The Devil - Part I

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The Battle Begins In The Mind ~ So Is Your Victory, Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Part I ~The Weapon of Forgiveness - Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Part II ~ The Weapon of Forgiveness - Dr. Kazumba Charles

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The Power of the Gospel (Africa Crusades), Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Healthy Living, Guests Jay & Joanie Bagalay, Host, Dr. Kazumba Charles

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IT IS FINISHED!!!Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Don't Let Anything Stop You!

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Functioning In Your Gift, Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Speak Better Things, Dr. Kazumba Charles

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The Ever Refreshing Word of God, Dr. Kazumba Charles

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The Presence Of God—Dr. Kazumba Charles

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The Weapon of Forgiveness Part3—Dr. Kazumba Charle

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The Power of the Name—Jesus, By Dr. Kazumba Charles

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The Weapon of Forgiveness-Part#3, By Dr. Kazumba Charles

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The Weapon of Forgiveness Part1—Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Things God Cannot Do Prt 2—Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Things God Want You To Know Part 1, By Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Things God Wants You To Know Pt 2—Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Unshakable Faith—Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Trusting in God's Timing, Dr. Kazumba Charles with Guest Steven Stoffelsen

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When God Leads You, by Dr. Kazumba Charles

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Walking In the Miraculous—Dr. Kazumba Charles with Guest, Jason EP. Johnson

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98 की 1 - 35 वीडियो