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Democracy Broadcasting.TV

Democracy Broadcasting.TV

gamewaysDemocracy Broadcasting: DemoCast.TV - News about preserving western civilization and our liberty.

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How much Muslims hate Jews - Raheel Raza at Westwood Kehilla

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On Islamophobia in Judaism- Prof. Reuven Firestone, Ms. Soraya Deen

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Sexpot Russian agent asks Trump- and what he tells her

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How EU philo-Islamists exploited Nazi-renouncing, European liberals

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Woody Herman's Big Band Finale at L.A. Jazz Institute, Memorial Day '18

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Celebrate Israel Parade in NYC- Part 2- Americans' support Israel '11

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Annual, Celebrate Israel Parade in N.Y.C.

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Wounded Warriors Speak - Army Sgt. Jeremiah Pauley's Survivor's Remorse

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How L.A. Nat'l Cemetery honors Memorial Day- Tom Ruck, director

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