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Grace TV Network

Grace TV Network

TheJesusWayGod is opening the 10/40 window like never before ! Come join the amazing men & women of God who are already working with us to transform lives in the 10/40 window.The mandate of Grace TV is simple; to build up the Body of Christ, make disciples who transform nations, and to preach and teach the Gospel of the Kingdom of Jesus Christ!Daily we receive reports from places that are among the most persecuted regions in the world, from former Muslims, Hindus and
secular viewers that are touched and impacted… family problems resolved,
suicide avoided, healing from disease & abuse… "I wanted to commit suicide, being a
converted Muslim with so many family
problems. Then I watched Grace TV and it has given me hope!" ~Pearl (Hyderabad)With English as the business language of the world, targeting influencers within the 10/40 window to become a catalyst for change, has become a reality! Home to more than 4.5 billion people and 8,600 people groups, as well as representing every major religion in the world, IT IS TIME for them to know the Truth of God’s love and be raised up as leaders in the Earth today! By focusing on the upcoming influencers, we can transform cities, nations and cultures!Do you have a desire to be a part of a historic opportunity? Would you like to be actively involved in our strategic team?

*Be the specialist in your field, equipping the people in the 10/40 window to be more successful in business, education,

Countries presently viewing Grace TV:

Asia: 71.19% Pacific: 15%
Africa: 41.01% Caribbean: 36.36%
Middle East: 71.43% North America: 75%
South America: 69.23% Praying for the rest ...

160+ Countries Watching Grace TV
and Still growing... Help us reach them all
Grace TV is not “just another Christian channel”! Grace TV has a balanced Biblical vision specifically focused on raising up Christians within the 7 cultural mountains of influence as Leaders in the 10/40 window, to bring forth lasting change in the Earth.
Grace TV is a channel with No compromise & high standards, whose focus is on global reach and local penetration! We maintain low overhead costs and high levels of influence so that with every dollar given we can expand to reach more people!

* Satellite: exposure to 4.5 billion people
* Local Cable & DTH: Approx 20 Million & expanding
* Live Streaming on the internet Smart TV and internet
* iOS & Android App

World Population: 7,597,000,000 (7.597 billion)

We, like Esther, are strategically positioned, for such a time as this, not just in the 10/40 window, but in the heart of the country with the largest unreached people groups in the world! What better place to initiate change, than from India!

Do you want to Impact Nations ?
1. Adopting: You can help us impact India and the
countries in the 10/40 window, by sowing a seed toward
expansion of the Grace TV into the Metropolitan cities &

2. Spreading: Will you Mobilize word about Grace TV
( via social media...) to other like-minded people involved in
the 7 pillars of influence who can use their skills/testimonies
as a tool to reach the lost & disciple nations?

3. Skilled professionals: Will you come & volunteer
your time & talents to produce short films highlighting
the stories & testimonies of our orphanage children!

One of the primary initiatives of Grace TV is The Jesus Way Orphange, School for underpriviledged children and Widows Ministry. By joining hands with The Jesus Way, we are able to directly transform the lives of hundreds of orphan, trafficked & “at risk” children, provide first class English Medium education in poor underdeveloped areas, as well as providing food, clothes & medical assistance for widows, handicapped and elderly!

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