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Garr Homeless Street Churches, Charlotte, NC

Garr Homeless Street Churches, Charlotte, NC

Keeping Hope AliveVideos to help inspire your to reach out to the homeless as well as share your ideas and experiences with us so we can be all can be built up in our knowledge of Jesus together.

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Martin on Clarinet, 22 notes per second

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Martin's Testimony

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Jeffery Returns from European Healing Tour

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Cuba: Freddie and Adrianna on New Churches

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Healing Live on the Street. Jeffery Ministers to Luther

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Curtis Sober for 2 years and a Month!

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Freddie The Godmother

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Freddie Dedicates a Church in Kenya

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Hot Dog, Incredible Hidden Treasure

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Crayon Mirror: Children of Kenya Draw with Jesus

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Freddie Teaches the Kenyan Children The Alphabet Gospel

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Song of the Children of Kenya

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Dance of the Children of Kenya

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Merrit Gets Healed

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Killing Fields, Slavery and Forgiveness, Terance Preaches

512 प्रतिक्रियायें

Audera Returns from Cambodia

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Mindy Shares her Heart for the Street

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Andrea Gets Healed Live!

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Everett Delivered from Alcohol, Back Healed

390 प्रतिक्रियायें

Terance on Zacchaeus

493 प्रतिक्रियायें

Donald Gets a Job in the Middle of Prayer!

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Valerie Sober and Blessed

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Deep Repentance Hits the Streets

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Jenny Encounters Two Angels

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Lisa free from Crack, Prison, Lesbianism

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He's Back! Terance Returns to The Street.

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Celebration, Street Communion

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Freddie Recounts Her Mother's Homecoming

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Rob a Veteran of Street Mission Shares

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MSU Students Share on the Street.

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Freddie Honors Misty

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Israel Growing in His Calling 1 1/2 Year Later

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Brandy Gives it All for Jesus.

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Curtis Sober for a Year and a Half!!

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Kids in Charlotte

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पृष्ठका 4
119 की 36 - 70 वीडियो