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Making Sense of the Madness

Making Sense of the Madness

John Michael ChambersMaking Sense of the Madness
Deep State . Geopolitical . Politics . Economy

John Michael Chambers broadcasts daily and features "Conversations of Consequence" each Friday with diverse quality guests for enlightening, engaging, and empowering content.

Surveys indicate that people no longer trust the media for news, politicians for the truth, or that Wall Street has Main Street’s best interest in mind. John's "Making Sense of the Madness", informs and empowers individuals in a changing world. Americans are starving for truth in this rapidly changing world. Be informed and empowered. Stay connected. Subscribe to this channel today. Share the link.

Learn More About John Michael Chambers - https://johnmichaelchambers.com/

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Is America Done_ Speaker Series 9-9 - Armando Escalante & Paul Blair!

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BREAKING NEWS- 10-16-20 De-platforming Devastation

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Biden Crime Family, W.H.O. Dr. Stuns World, Benghazi Censorship

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Bruce & Bradford - Incoming Truth Bombs - B179

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BREAKING NEWS- 10-15-20 Biden Crime Family’s Pay-Off Scheme, Rudy Giuliani

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BREAKING NEWS- 10-12-20 Benghazi Bombshell - Blackmail Money to Iran

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MSOM SPECIAL REPORT SR10- Warp Speed vs. The Great Reset - James Grundvig

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PREMIERE! Welcome to the GFR - How we got here....

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Globalist Revelations - Fuellmich - The People Rise Up - B175

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Is America Done_ Speaker Series 8-9 - Sheriff Richard Mack & KrisAnne Hall

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The Perilous Countdown to Election Day with John Michael Chambers

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Sheriff Richard Mack Restoring Liberty with Ret. Lt. Scott Bennett - B165

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MSOM SPECIAL REPORT SR7- Covid 19 Risks Reputable Resources

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MSOM SPECIAL REPORT SR6- Acceleration of UN Agenda 2030 Part II

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