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The Messianic Channel

The Messianic Channel

BethAdonaiThe Messianic Channel broadcast teachings on the Jewish Roots of the Christian Faith. You can view teachings from Rabbi Scott Sekulow and his wife Judy or View other teachers and weekly sermons from Congregation Beth Adonai in Tucker, GA. bethadonai.com

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Put God First in Your Life by Rabbi Scott Sekulow - 10-24-2020

107 प्रतिक्रियायें

Is Your Faith An Action or Just a Noun by Rabbi Scott Sekulow - 10-31-2020

84 प्रतिक्रियायें

Put God First in Your Life by Rabbi Scott Sekulow - 10-10-2020

142 प्रतिक्रियायें

Here Comes The Judge with Rabbi Scott Sekulow - 08-22-2020.mp4

47 प्रतिक्रियायें

Building Your Faith on G-Ds Word with Rabbi Scott Sekulow - 09-12-2020.mp4

52 प्रतिक्रियायें

Reflecting on our Blemishes.

984 प्रतिक्रियायें

Make the Right Choice

395 प्रतिक्रियायें

Putting On Your Spiritual Face Mask

490 प्रतिक्रियायें

Rosh Chodesh Iyar (5780)

766 प्रतिक्रियायें

Drawing Nearer to Adonai

466 प्रतिक्रियायें

First Fruits Service (5780)

1,247 प्रतिक्रियायें

Making Aliyah to the Lord.

294 प्रतिक्रियायें

Rosh Chodesh Nisan

424 प्रतिक्रियायें

Don't be a Haman

265 प्रतिक्रियायें

Purim Play

4,336 प्रतिक्रियायें

The beginnings of the Priesthood

311 प्रतिक्रियायें

Messianic Judaism: Its History and Modern Reemergence.

3,805 प्रतिक्रियायें

Rosh Chodesh Adar

358 प्रतिक्रियायें

The Scroll, Redemption and The Messiah

2,485 प्रतिक्रियायें

What to do when God wants to move in next door.

233 प्रतिक्रियायें

Torah Portion Mishpatim

1,261 प्रतिक्रियायें

How do you read the Bible?

350 प्रतिक्रियायें

When excuses fail.

236 प्रतिक्रियायें

Torah Portion Mishpatim

770 प्रतिक्रियायें

I chose the road less traveled.. now, where the heck am I?

320 प्रतिक्रियायें

Tu Bi Shvat Presentation.

541 प्रतिक्रियायें

Dressing the Torah

298 प्रतिक्रियायें

Torah Portion Bo

489 प्रतिक्रियायें

पृष्ठका 6
205 की 1 - 35 वीडियो