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Faith Community On-Demand

Faith Community On-Demand

FaithCommunityChurchA Multi-Cultural and Generational Church with an Urban Edge in Mount Pleasant & Saginaw, Michigan.

पृष्ठका 6
177 की 1 - 35 वीडियो

When your Bent out of Shape

1,438 प्रतिक्रियायें

Don't Buy That Soundtrack

563 प्रतिक्रियायें

Some Assembly Required

353 प्रतिक्रियायें

Is That Your Final Answer

286 प्रतिक्रियायें

You're Not Stuck

324 प्रतिक्रियायें

The Blessing of Obedience

612 प्रतिक्रियायें

Where you are Seated

805 प्रतिक्रियायें

Direction Determines your Destination

645 प्रतिक्रियायें

It's About That Time(My Season, My Time)

1,096 प्रतिक्रियायें

Your Due Season

1,356 प्रतिक्रियायें

Moving Forward

455 प्रतिक्रियायें

Comfort and Chaos of Christmas

405 प्रतिक्रियायें

Don't Devour Your Tomorrow, Today

331 प्रतिक्रियायें

Does HE have your Manger

503 प्रतिक्रियायें

Get Out of The Boat

434 प्रतिक्रियायें

The Confidence of Faith

169 प्रतिक्रियायें

It's Not What You Say, It's How You Say It

1,072 प्रतिक्रियायें

Victory requires your Voice

702 प्रतिक्रियायें

This is Your Time and Your Turn

410 प्रतिक्रियायें

Victory at Jawbone Hill

585 प्रतिक्रियायें

Enemies of your Purpose (There's a LOT to gain)

1,316 प्रतिक्रियायें

Enemies of your Purpose (The Resistance of your Potential)

494 प्रतिक्रियायें

Enemies of your Purpose (vultures)

524 प्रतिक्रियायें

How to Survive a Bad Day (Do you Count?)

517 प्रतिक्रियायें

Leftovers Again

562 प्रतिक्रियायें

How to Survive a Bad Day (Silence in the place of Praise)

430 प्रतिक्रियायें

How to Survive a Bad Day (how to survive on broken pieces)

669 प्रतिक्रियायें

Summer School ( what do you do when your brook dries up)

698 प्रतिक्रियायें

Summer School ( let there be )

565 प्रतिक्रियायें

Summer School ( how to survive the scenic route)

761 प्रतिक्रियायें

Summer School ( somewhere between the Dove and Deliverance)

968 प्रतिक्रियायें

Roll Away The Stone

184 प्रतिक्रियायें

Counter Culture(reprise)

180 प्रतिक्रियायें

Counter Culture(how to survive your lions den)

518 प्रतिक्रियायें

Counter Culture(the test of worship)

681 प्रतिक्रियायें

पृष्ठका 6
177 की 1 - 35 वीडियो