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GordonKlingenschmittPIJN News with host Chaplain Gordon Klingenschmitt, PhD is a daily national TV news, commentary and prayer show for conservative viewers. It features 30:00 of daily news content to hold politicians accountable on religious freedom, pro-life, pro-marriage, pro-Israel, and second-amendment issues.

“Dr. Chaps” reports the news with in depth daily follow up coverage and news maker interviews, then he discerns the spirits behind the stories, and prays the Scriptures, in Jesus’ name.

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Governor Candidate Greg Lopez fights back against Channel 9 antiChristians

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Heartbeat Bill making roads in Congress: Congressman Steve King

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Peace through Strength: Middle East and Iran: Frank Gaffney 2 of 2

4 प्रतिक्रियायें

Peace through Strength: Korea and Persecution: Frank Gaffney 1 of 2

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Baker Jack Phillips speech after Supreme Court victory

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Victoria Jackson, SNL comedienne is now a Trump Republican!

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Gospel Storytelling changes hearts faster: Pastor Jonathan Williams

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Coming soon! Movie "One Nation Under God" writer Lisa Arnold

112 प्रतिक्रियायें

97% Of All Abortions Done For "Mental" Reasons

142 प्रतिक्रियायें

50 Killed In Gaza Were Hamas Terrorists

181 प्रतिक्रियायें

Trump pulls out of Iran deal, how that helps USA: MGen Paul Vallely

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Trump approval climbing as 60% say America on right path

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Heartbeat Bill could end most Abortions in Iowa: Janet Porter

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Victory! Trump Moves Israeli Embassy To Jerusalem

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Colorado Legislature Renews Anti-Christian Civil Rights Commission

51 प्रतिक्रियायें

Christian groups Banned From Amazon Charity Program

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Gay shooting victim repents and Receives Jesus Christ as Lord

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North Korea peace plan, or Just Propaganda? Dai Sup Han

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Prayer movement sweeps Churches. Can yours take 24 hours?

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LGBTs subpoena Christian lawyers for Trump records: Mat Staver

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Transgender returns to Christ and godly manhood: Walt Heyer

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Called to be a missionary? Britt and Audrey Hancock teach you how

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One million march in Nicaragua against Socialism

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Air Force Colonel wins after refusing 'Gay' Marriage certificate

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Homo Sex-Ed? California Says Parents Can’t Opt Out

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Randall Terry's Controversial Film “In Mohamad’s Words”

242 प्रतिक्रियायें

Koreas May Declare Peace Before Trump Visit

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Hero Pilot Texts 'God Is Good' After Emergency Landing

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Two Govs tell Trump he can't command Military: MGen Paul Vallely

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Does Facebook send Christians to jail? Dr. Rich Swier

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Air Force Veteran BOOTED From Flag Folding For Giving A Speech About God

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Israel v. Gaza in New Border Showdown

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4 Bible keys to Effective Revival Prayer: Dion Elmore

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How National Day of Prayer is changing USA: Dion Elmore

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पृष्ठका 19
649 की 1 - 35 वीडियो