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sunyO|Jul 31, 2012

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Love For His People Ministries|Jul 31, 2012

Blessings Await Christians Who Bless the Jews

Blessings Await Christians Who Bless the Jews Part 4 of a 4 Part Series   Jim Croft   Genesis 12:3 “I will bless those who bless you, and I will curse him who curses you; and in you all the |और
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Love For His People Ministries

Keep the Faith Ministry|Jul 31, 2012

Do Violent Movies Cause Violence in Society?

Real violence and violence in art (movies or theater) have always been connected. Starting with the play, Macbeth, in 1849 which led to the deaths of 20 people in clashes with police, to the murder of Abraham Lincoln during the stage show |और
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Keys to Kingdom Living|Jul 31, 2012

Am I Really Saved?

1 John 3:18-21, My little children, let us not |और
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Nita Mary Ann|Jul 31, 2012

The Practice of Fasting

This blog is from the book "Celebration of disciple" by Richard Foster... I am gonna follow this...Wish u guys would too  :)   Begin with a partial fast of 24 hours duration. Many have found lunch to lunch to be |और
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desperion|Jul 31, 2012

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desperion|Jul 31, 2012

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Keep the Faith Ministry|Jul 30, 2012

Internet Addiction Similar to Caffeine & Cocaine Addiction

Have you ever wondered why people have addictions to Facebook, Twitter or internet games? Now we may have a better understanding. “We’re beginning to understand that achieving a goal or anticipating the reward of new content |और
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The Faith Sisters|Jul 30, 2012

Life's storms

This life brings us all thru storms and in the process we are allowed to see the rainbow.  Did you know that when we see the rainbow, even when it appears we will be hit by more rain and more of the storm, 99% of the time |और
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Keep the Faith Ministry|Jul 30, 2012

John Paul II May now be headed for Sainthood

“The testimony of a Colombian man who says he was ‘miraculously cured’ of Parkinson’s Disease through the intercession of Blessed John Paul II could allow for the canonization of the Polish pope.” The |और
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Keep the Faith Ministry|Jul 30, 2012

Zanzibar Ferry Disaster: Hopes Fade for Missing

A ferry with 290 people on board capsized and sank off the coast of Tanzania in bad weather. The ferry left Dar es Salaam for Zanzibar. About 145 have been rescued at least 63 have died and more than 80 people were still missing at the |और
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Keep the Faith Ministry|Jul 30, 2012

Vatican Favors Universal Health Care

In case you thought that the Catholic Church is against universal health care, think again. “The Vatican said the Catholic Church is ‘committed to universal healthcare coverage’ in a release Thursday that described a speech by |और
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Keep the Faith Ministry|Jul 30, 2012

The Eurozone's Religious Faultline

Have you wondered why the European Union has such a hard time uniting, and essentially has to have it forced on them? Beside what the prophet Daniel may have said about the feet of iron and clay, there is another factor, according to the |और
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Keep the Faith Ministry|Jul 30, 2012

Wheaton College Joins Catholic University against U.S. Federal Mandate

Wheaton College, an evangelical liberal arts institution in Illinois, has joined The Catholic University of America in filing a lawsuit in a Washington D.C. District Court against the contraception mandate issued under the health care law. |और
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Keys to Kingdom Living|Jul 30, 2012

You Are More Than a Conqueror

Romans 8:37-39, yet in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us. For I am persuaded that neither death |और
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