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My Glorious|Sep 25, 2008

Nacho Libre, Waffle House & Fox TV

A lot has been going on through the last two days. We played two smaller concerts, met a guitar tech who had been to Austria over 20 years ago and happened to know people we know too - just this random guitar guy in a small town called Concord - |और
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My Glorious

kent|Sep 25, 2008

Wall Street Crack will change this world...

If you arent totaly falling into sleep and are living all outside the real world, you must have noticed that things are changing radicaly in this days that will effect the daily life of all of us. The breakdown of the world finanzial marked is not |और
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aoikairos|Sep 24, 2008

My fave Christian songs

I will add from time to time i think... 1. Never Alone - Barlow Girl 2. Love Song - Third Day 2. Who am I - Casting Crowns 3. Blessed be your name - Matt Redman 4. Shackles - Mary Mary 5. Beautiful One - Jeremy Camp 6. Without you - Kirk |और
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Healing 2 the Nations International|Sep 24, 2008

Sep 23 - Errands With Surprises / New Family Member

As always there was no power in the morning, therefore no internet or office work possible. Then Paul told me that he had forgotten to tell me that we were out of rice. Since we had several errands to run anyway, I changed the schedule somewhat. |और
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Healing 2 the Nations International


Eye on: Search Engines

Search Enginges browse the web, searching for every bit of information they can gather to feed their massive searching algorithms. We all profit from that, when we use google, yahoo or any other engine, to find websites, products, music or anything |और
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kent|Sep 23, 2008

Creationism, making headlines in Great Brittain

A remarkable discussion is going on on the British Irlands. Michael Reiss, director of education in The Royal Society was forced to step down from his position afther he gave public comments about Creationism. The odd part of this is that, he wasnt |और
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My Glorious|Sep 23, 2008

Life as (un)usual

If we had to sum up the last couple of days in only one word it would be "food". We have been eating so's amazing how much the human body can contain. From buffalowings in the Sportsbar watching a football game to southern american food we |और
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My Glorious

Healing 2 the Nations International|Sep 22, 2008

Sep 21 - Sunday Service Etc.

When I woke up in the morning, my rose was all runny, and in the hours that followed, I needed to always have a tissue in my hand. I didn't feel like preaching, and didn't even really know what to preach on. Our service is at 3 pm. The only |और
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Healing 2 the Nations International

Healing 2 the Nations International|Sep 22, 2008

Sep 20 - Weekly Street Kid Program

Today we did our second street kid program since the summer break. We had 34 children - a big group!|और
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Healing 2 the Nations International

Healing 2 the Nations International|Sep 21, 2008

Sep 19 - Street Kids / Day Without Electricity / A Fight & Prayer Meeting

One of the street kids that spent last night with us has gotten our attention because he tends to hit other children, and last night he wanted a little boy to share the mattress with him. Red flags! After he hit a boy again just before leaving, we |और
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My Glorious|Sep 20, 2008

First days

The last couple of days were intense. There`s so much to take in and many new things to experience here in amerika - mostly coated in sugar or deep fried in fat. We visited the shopping mall, looked at guns in wallmart, had some food in various fast |और
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My Glorious

Österreichische Lebensbewegung|Sep 19, 2008

Alive 08 - Praise be to God!

650 people came to the Alive 08 Festial in Vienna. It was an awesome evening. Besides fantastivc music, performances, short videos and many pictures and testimonies, young people gave their lives to Christ after T-Bone's testimony. Don't forget to |और
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Österreichische Lebensbewegung

carey baptist church|Sep 18, 2008

Christian lives at the mercy of few Hindu vandalism sect.

My dear brither and sisters it a matter of great concern that the christian believer's are living at the mercy of Hindu fundamentlist mercy . Who vandalised the christian institution in the different part of our India. Like in Orissa,Karnataka Nd |और
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My Glorious|Sep 18, 2008

... we have arrived

We arrived on wednesday (17.09.) evenning at our friends' house in Kannapolis near Charlotte, North Carolina. Yesterday was a very long travelling day. We started off early at 03:30 am in Vienna. Our flight to Atlanta via Munich departured at 6:15. |और
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My Glorious

CROSS TV DEUTSCH|Sep 18, 2008 featuring T-Bone war mit Kamerateam dabei und zeigt euch in Kooperation mit der Lebensbewegung den Rohschnitt eines Wochenendes mit T-Bone. (ja, richtig - für alle die dabei waren - VERGANGENES Wochenende - oder dachtet ihr wir zeigen hier altes Zeug?). |और
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