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The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us |और

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Linda Fawkes

Linda Fawkes (4156 दिनों पहले) (0)

Up to the ageof nineteen I never knew who God was. I never went to church. I had a very unhappy childhood which resulted me in having anorexia at 15 years old - which then progressed into bulimia at 21. Someone told me the gospel when I was 19 and I asked Jesus into my life and asked him to help me. My eyes were opened spiritually and I had like a Damascus conversion. I immediately changed in my outlook of life. However, I was still bulimic and called out to God many times for help. But I still was throwing up about 16 times a day. I got married and had 2 children but found it difficult to look after them as I was always being sick. I was in and out of hospital and nothing seemed to work. When I was 40 years old I suddenly said to myself "Linda - you are worth more then this" and I somehow had the strength to say to myself "never again" and from then on I was never sick again. I lost all desire to be sick but still had an eating disorder because I was still counting calories and was obsessed with my weight. Six years ago - after a very stressful time I became anorexic again - worse then I had ever been. The doctors told me I could die. I lost all the fight in me and couldn't find it in me to eat. I was too scared. Food terrified me. I came across a Catholic Priest who offered to help me. I was a bit wary as I was an evangelical baptist. I decided to go and see him and all he did was listen. He allowed me to share my feelings. He allowed me to be me. He didn't set me any goals, he didn't tell me I had to eat. He let me FEEL ANGRY, SAD, DEPRESSED. He didn't make me feel I was sinning by feeling this way. Gradually I got in touch with my own feelings and came to realise how I had developed my eating disorder in the first place. I became a Roman Catholic 6 months after meeting him and I have never been happier. I feel as though asking Jesus into my life at 19 was entering a beautiful room with God and discovering Jesus as Lord and then when I became a Catholic it was like entering a doorway into Aladdin's Cave with its rich treasures in the catholic faith. I am now completely healed of an eating disorder. I never weigh myself - never count calories. I eat what I want - when I want. I never dreamt I could ever be free of it. The turning point for me was when someone BOTHERED TO LISTEN TO ME AND ALLOWED ME TO BE ME. Also going to mass daily and taking the Eucharist really helped me and in times of real difficulty I asked the priest for the anointing of oil for the sick. I had this alot and it helped me to keep persevering. It was a very hard road but my Catholic faith together with sessions in cognitive behaviour therapy last year resulted in my eating disorder being discarded. I no longer needed to hide in it. I had found ME. AND I HAVE COME TO LIKE ME. All my self-hate, suicidal thoughts and depression were put behind me and now I am really happy. The eating disorder that plagued me for 36 years is over. I want to encourage anyone who is still suffering with an eating disorder never to give up. I have three lovely grandchildren and I look after them alot. I can lead a happy, normal and stable life. The key to getting better is listening to your feelings. Learning to communicate to other people. Allowing yourself to be YOU. SELF ACCEPTANCE. Becoming a christian at 19 was the first step but it took many years to get better. But I always knew God would help me SOMEHOW AND hE HAS NEVER LET ME DOWN. I have developed alot.I write christian poetry -I play the organ and I love meditating on God's Word. Ialso do children's liturgy at church and I like doing photography. My mother became a Catholic 2 years after me- then my husband. I thank God for helping me on this spiritual journey and I take one day at a time - secure in the knowledge that whatever I have to face -GOD'S GRACE IS SUFFICIENT FOR ME. I FINISH MY STORY HERE. There is far more I could say but I haven't got the room! One day I will write a book. Forgive any typing errors - Ilead a very busy life and am typing this in a hurry. God bless you all my friends! LOVE IN JESUS LINDA FAWKES.