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john adward

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As the name itself suggests, a virtual private network (VPN) is something that helps you stay safe online. It anonymously creates a secure and private network using the internet connection which is public and unsecured. In short, we can say that it provides a shield to your internet protocol (IP) address. This it does so that your activities over the Internet remain private and inaccessible to others. No matter you are using a secured Wi-Fi hotspot but it could not be as safe as a VPN. Hence, we come to know that it provides a user with secure and encrypted connections so that his privacy remains unharmed.

What is the need of having a Norton VPN?

Whenever you surf the web for completing any kind of online-activity such as completing your online transactions, you are required to share your crucial information over the Internet. While you do this, you are not sure if your information is going in the right hands or not. Here, the VPN of Norton setup comes into action by not allowing third-parties to get hold of your data. Another good thing it does is allow a user to browse completely anonymously.

There are many incidents when you need to connect to a public network such as in a coffee shop, or while waiting for someone at a place. People usually love connecting to an unsecured internet but everything that comes free is not always good. Sometimes, it may turn out to be one of the biggest disasters of your life when your account gets hacked. Whenever you use a public network, there could be some prying eyes using the same connection to carry out their evil task. Hence one must protect his device with a secure VPN by

Significant features of Norton VPN

  • As we all know that Internet service providers keep a record of online activities and hence they may sell your information to third parties. Browsing through a secure VPN doesn’t allow the service providers to keep a record of it.
  • If someone gets hold of your IP address and location, then he may use it make your data vulnerable to hacking. In this situation, VPN lets you browse anonymously.
  • Along with this, it hides your location from the prying eyes whenever you are streaming anything.
  • Using it you can stream even if you are outside your country.
  • It prevents your devices from getting hacked by cybercriminals.


For more information regarding Norton setup or Norton VPN, you can visit Here, you will find enough information regarding the latest updates in the products developed by Norton. It is recommended to deploy the latest version of Norton VPN to protect you from identity theft.