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The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us |और

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clinni0 (1096 दिनों पहले) (0)

Hi, I’m presently residing in India. I’m planning to migrate to middle east real soon. I already have a joint bank account with my mother. I am aware that I’ll be counted as an NRI if I stay more than 180 days abroad. I’m not familiar with the NRI banking policies and complications existing in India. My tickets are scheduled next month. Should I be concerned about this joint account? Is it necessary to convert the account to NRO before I go? Any suggestions and advice regarding NRI baking policies will be a great help. Thank you in advance.



benclement (959 दिनों पहले) (0)

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maryrosie (742 दिनों पहले) (0)

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Hoamuoigio (722 दिनों पहले) (0)

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Hoamuoigio (694 दिनों पहले) (0)