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Impact Ministries Int |United Kingdom

Preaching the Gospel and making disciples worldwide Reaching the Unreached for Christ

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Thankyou Lord for the opportunity you have given us to spread the gospel to the Nations. We give thanks for what you have done for us in dying on the cross, we come before you Lord and ask |और

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Impact Ministries Int cross.tv मे नये है और अभी तक कोई activities नहीं है। क्या आप एक contact invitation और एक छोटे से welcoming message भेजना पसंद करेंगे, Impact Ministries Int को cross.tv परिवार मे welcome करने के लिए?

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God wants us to bear fruit in our ministry

God wants us to bear fruit in our ministry

God's desire is for us to bear good fruit and prosper in the ministry he has called us to do. God | और

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