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Demnstrate|United States

is creating a Video on Demand Channel on cross.tv

Hollywood Background

Ruckins and Roslyn are former Hollywood entertainers. Before their conversion, the McKinley's performed with personalities such as: radio host Rick Dees of Kiss/FM radio; comedian Paul Rodriguez; Jean-Claude Van Damme; Rick Springfield; and child celebrity Emanuel Lewis from the TV show "Webster" on ABC. They also had several TV appearances on "330" with Steve Edwards.

Ruckins was famous for his street dancing, choreographic and rapping skills - some of which were used in the 1985 Grammy's Award show. In that same year, the McKinley's were first place contest winners on the nationally syndicated broadcast "Solid Gold Hits." Their unique style of dance launched them into national commercials and movies. Known as the "R&R Express", Ruckins and his wife were featured dancers in motion pictures such as "No Retreat, No Surrender", starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. Roslyn was featured in the music video "Neutron Dance" performed by the Pointer Sisters for the movie "Beverly Hills Cop" starring Eddie Murphy. They also did national television commercials for Peter Pan Peanut Butter and the ABC Promo "I love LA". Their moon walking and robotic type movements enabled them to grace stages such as the Universal Amphitheater, Pasadena Civic Center and the Hollywood palladium.

Ruckins and his wife Roslyn were born again in 1985 at a time when their successful entertainment career had brought them to a place of spiritual bankruptcy. The money, fame and accolades of Hollywood had left them with a deep void on the inside. But after crying out to God in desperation, Ruckins and Roslyn were mightily saved and delivered; and soon thereafter received a call from God to ministry.

And Now...

The McKinleys have an international prophetic ministry of expressive dance and ministering the word of the Lord. They have dedicated their lives as ones of service, stirring up a generation of demonstration. Their ministry releases those in the body suffering from hurt and bondage. Multiple thousands have given their hearts to Christ as a result of their dance ministry. They inspire God's people to press into him with yieldedness, pursuing the destiny God has ordained for them. Ruckins and Roslyn have received standing ovations for their explosive dance routines to contemporary Christian Music. They are making a major impact on the body of Christ with an uncompromising message of commitment. Depending on the leading of the Holy Spirit, the ministry of Ruckins and Roslyn, called "Generation of Demonstration", routinely moves the congregation to celebratory excitement or tears of repentance.

Ruckins & Roslyn currently reside in California with their three children.

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