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ICCC Russia|Russian Federation

Малахии (3:17-18): “... И они будут Моими, говорит Господь Саваоф, собственностью Моею в тот день, который Я соделаю, и буду миловать их, как милует человек сына своего, служащего ему. И тогда вы снова увидите различие... между служащим Богу и не служащим



Friday at 7:30 PM
*The glory of God in the Working Life - the way to transformation".

Guest Speaker: Stephen Gunning, Jan Sturesson, J. Gunnar Olson, Per-Eive Berndtsson and others.

To download a copy of the conference brochure, register for this event or for further details, please visit www.iccc.se.
Friday at 8:00 PM
"The Plumb Line of God"

Speaker: Gianpaolo Bigoni

Please see the below link for further information and to obtain a copy of the conference brochure.
Saturday at 9:30 AM
"Keys to the Kingdom" - Living and Staying in the Rest of God

Venue: The London Institute for Contemporary Christianity
St. Peter's,Vere Street, London, W1G 0DQ

For further details please go to www.uk.iccc.net or email Roger Ball at r.ball@brdsim.com
Saturday at 10:00 AM
"Modern Business People close to Jesus' heart".

Guest are welcome to this event, which will be held in Darmstadt.
The gathering will only be offered in the German language only. No translation provided. For further information, please visit the ICCC Germany website at www.iccc.de.


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