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Beatriz Badillo

Feliz Feliz Cumpleaños


thank you brother to ad me. may God bless you by reading the blog I send you http://cross1.over-blog.com


Lieber Gerwald! Im Namen von cross.tv herzliche Segensgruesse zum Geburtstag!

Beatriz Badillo

Saludos hasta Austria y en especial a su Familia

доктор Бааз

Хочу, чтобы к тебе пришло лето Бога. Пригласи меня. в гости. апостол Бааз I want you to come to the summer of God. Invite me. to visit. Apostle Baaz

Gerwald CROSS TV DEUTSCH के prayer में शामिल हुए

Gerwald Blue Sky के prayer में शामिल हुए

Beatriz Badillo

Gerwald God fill you with His blessings and conseda you the desires of your heart, you spill on health, strength, joy and a fresh anointing from heaven guiding you every day of your life on this earth in Elsinore with your family and iglesia.Feliz birthday


danke und gottes segen

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