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fegiel mercado|Philippines

hi i'm fegiel from Bohol, Philippines, i am very much happy to be involve in this new generation source of friendship. im blesed and i hope and pray that i'll be also a blessings to others. God bless You more graciously!

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Lord, i pray that all the people who knows understand the great commision will pursue it. i pray for the people who are great needs, pain and trouble;that Your powerful hands will touch to |और

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fegiel mercado cross.tv मे नये है और अभी तक कोई activities नहीं है। क्या आप एक contact invitation और एक छोटे से welcoming message भेजना पसंद करेंगे, fegiel mercado को cross.tv परिवार मे welcome करने के लिए?

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1. NON- CHRISTIAN? - It's time for you to know and believe the huge Love of God for you. | और

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