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Mission and Vision

Our goals are to keep siblings together while in foster care; provide focused tutoring and mentoring support; stop children bouncing from home to home and equip our youth with our "Transitions" life skills training. All of these and more will truly prepare these at risk children and youth for successful adulthood. Arm in arm with you and one child at a time, we can all leave a legacy of hope for orphaned children and youth living in foster care. Join Ark of Hope For Children as "we break the chains of past abuse and lead each child into lives filled with faith, hope and love".

Ark of Hope For Children has a comprehensive plan of action focusing on specific areas to bring hope and stability to the at risk children and youth in our care. They need our help NOT because they are bad kids, but because they live in a system that perpetuates the emotional abuse due to the high numbers of children and the low numbers of available bed space, quality foster homes and social workers to handle the load.

Ark of Hope’s high quality, well managed facilities will focus on;
* Siblings staying together while in foster care
* No more children bouncing from home to home
* Educational help through our tutoring team
* Encouragement through our mentoring Team
* Modeling Christ-like unconditional love
* Our "Transitions" life skills training program
* Our own Foster Parent Support Network

Hope To Orphans program
H2O Foster Care;
Through our “H2O - Hope To Orphans” program we will license families to care for foster children in their current homes
under the Ark of Hope For Children umbrella of care. Parents will be licensed through our inter-denominational Christian church programs which will be held in strategic locations through our district in North Central Florida.

H2O Adoption;
For residents that become available for adoption, Ark of Hope’s Hope To Orphans program will work hard to find them a happy and love filled home. This will include encouraging their current H2O parents to adopt them. Our H2O Adoption program plans to devote a portion of our website to assist in adoption of children from Ark of Hope For Children programs and from around our district. ......more info www.arkofhopeforchildren.com

“Eagles Nest” Sibling Care Campus
30% or less of siblings get to stay together upon entering foster care due to a lack of bed space to keep them together. Once separated they are rarely brought back together, even in adoption. This separation can damage or destroy the strongest relational bond these children have. Ark of Hope For Children recognizes that the sibling bond must be respected and every effort taken to keep them together.

We plan to build six 5,000 sq. ft. single family style homes where we will provide Christ-focused love and care for siblings living in foster care. Our cluster of homes will provide ample bed space on one property to keep foster siblings together, if not in the same house then at least on the same property. .......more info www.arkofhopeforchildren.com

“Wings” Transitional Living Homes
Ark of Hope For Children’s “Wings” transitional living homes will be special living facilities designed for youth 18 to 23 years old that have “graduated” from Ark of Hope For Children’s other domestic orphan care facilities. These specialized homes will provide them the opportunity to more gradually spread their wings and smooth the transition to successful adult living. Ark of Hope “Wings” program will provide in-house “Life Coaches” as guides and mentors for the young adults in our care. Separate homes will be provided for young men and young women.

Residents of our “Wings” homes will maintain a full time job or attend college while maintaining a part time job. College and trade school financial assistance will be provided by grants from the State of Florida and private donations. Our “Life Coaches” and volunteer mentors will assist “Wings” residents with maintaining a personal checking account while receiving clothing and other assistance as needed. “Wings” residents will have the opportunity to be paid “Coaches” during Ark of Hope For Children’s planned “Promised land” summer camps designed solely for orphans, foster children and youth. .......more info www.arkofhopeforchildren.com

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