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Angel TV is a team of workers with the purpose to tell the people in the whole world about what God is doing in Belarus. For the period of time of two and a half years this team has grown from just two people ( Alexander and Karina Kalinkin) into twenty volunteers who have been trained by Angel TV and now are working  throughout the country.

 The biggest goal of Angel TV is to change the way people think. Nowadays, especially in Europe, secular way of looking at the world reigns. They deny Christian values. Unfortunately, Belarus has been falling under this influence too. Short stories (news reports) done by Angel TV touch upon the issues that are of concern to every human being. It is drug abuse, alcoholism, suicide, abortions, homosexual marriages and many other things. We show the other side of the matter when a traditional family is of greatest value in God’s eyes and consequently here on earth.  When abortion it is not a freedom of choice of a woman but it is when tiny helpless God’s creation is doomed to die.

 The reports of Angel TV always have positive character and are to inspire people. They inspire them to do the right things. It is also a means to show what Christians really are. Sadly enough, the negative ideological image of Christianity that was imposed on the minds of people during the Soviet times has not been destroyed yet. Even the school textbooks still regard all Protestant denominations here as cults.

 The second goal of Angel TV is to unite all Christian denominations. This way we show to every one that there are many more things that unite us rather than those that can separate us. The words of Jesus Let them be one (John 17:21) are of great value to us. 

Angel TV ने नया वीडियो Комиксы против СПИДа जोडा है

Комиксы против СПИДа

Angel TV ने नया वीडियो 6 день - кинофестиваля - "Magnificat2008" जोडा है

6 день - кинофестиваля - "Magnificat2008"

Angel TV ने नया वीडियो 5 день - кинофестиваля - "Magnificat2008" जोडा है

5 день - кинофестиваля - "Magnificat2008"

Angel TV ने नया वीडियो 4 день - кинофестиваля - "Magnificat2008" जोडा है

4 день - кинофестиваля - "Magnificat2008"

Angel TV ने नया वीडियो 2 день - кинофестиваля - "Magnificat2008" जोडा है

2 день - кинофестиваля - "Magnificat2008"

Angel TV ने नया वीडियो 1 день - кинофестиваля - "Magnificat2008" जोडा है

1 день - кинофестиваля - "Magnificat2008"

Angel TV ने नया वीडियो 3 день - кинофестиваля - "Magnificat2008" जोडा है

3 день - кинофестиваля - "Magnificat2008"

Angel TV ने Флэшмоб на колёсах वीडियो के लिए एक टिप्‍पणी लिखा है


Angel TV ने नया वीडियो Флэшмоб на колёсах जोडा है

Флэшмоб на колёсах

Angel TV


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