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Johnson Jacob


Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends. ..John (15:13)

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Dear friends in Cross.Tv !!! Praise the Lord....Lord has answered our prayer....There is no word to thank, each one who prayed for my son. Realy a miracle was happened 7 days ago. few |और

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Guide my son to solvation

Jul 14, 2009

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Members doing Youth/Students Ministry

Few years ago, I got a vision that my son doing international evangilical Ministry...everyday I'm praying for him..I don't know ..How?..and when it will happen...Now my son sucessfully compeated his engineering graduation. I want to send him to one who guide him towards solvation and to prepare him for international ministry. I think that one of my crosstv friend, who is doing youth/student ministry in India, will help me. you maybe the one.....Please send your openion..Your's in Christ.....Bro.Johnson Jacob.