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Sambhunath  Tiadi


My intention is to eradicate poverty & unemployment from all the nations by adopting different methods and strategies, subject to approval and support from the world leaders.

मेरी प्रार्थना

Oh my almighty god,unseen power, Submitting the petition before UN and others, For the sake of human society, For the sake of have not and poor people of the world, To eradicate poverty |और

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sambhu Oct 03, 2009 4 टिप्‍पणियॉं

Oh almighty god, You are the creater of all the resources, You are the wealthy & richest god of the world, I have not seen you,but feel you, You have created all the living and non-living things, You have created all the humanbeings as brainy living beings, But the humanbeings have made many faulty rules and regulations, For their vested interest, for the interest of a specific groups, Rules are nothings,only application of common sense, Most of your created resources are under-utilisation due to faulty rules, Made by the corrupt and non-sense leaders of the diffrent nations, Most of the agricultural land are lying vacant without cultivation, Most of agricultural appliances,machinaries like tractors and others are lying in the show room of the shops, Without utilisation,most of the other agricutural appliances and other appliances are lying in the show room, Without utilisation, Because the poor people have no huge paper notes to purchase from the shop keepers,dealers, Who have made them poor, only the corrupt individuals,corrupt political leaders & adminstrators, Oh god, please pour your strong blessing on those corruption people, So that they will feel about their corrupt activities, and change the concept of materialistic nature, Oh god pour your strong blessings on all the humanbeings to make them humantarian, Oh god pour your strong blessing on politcal leaders so that, They will able to modify and reform all the ruless and regulations, In such a manner to make all the people happy,wealthy, Which is quite possible all over the world.