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Juliya Mushinskaya


" Тот, кто во мне - сильнее того, кто в этом мире." =)


hola maluca porque no responde mis mensajes. espero que lo leas por lo menos saludos. Dios te bendiga.


Friend I speak Spanish what I do it is to translate it, to see if you can read your it, now I say something to you impress myself that your you have dedicated a time to enter to my space of cross-country race, you know I want to invite you to that you some to my facebook. you want if you agree warn


Hello beautiful God blesses you as these graces for entering to my space of cross-country race. I expect to have again the happiness of which you enter again. Regards I bless you in an immense way .........


Hola bella Dios te bendiga como estas gracias por entrar a mi espacio de cross. espero tener de nuevo la dicha de que entres de nuevo. saludos te bendigo de una manera inmensa.........

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