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Elected girls

Jun 12, 2010

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From the Holy Spirit, inspired, here you have elected girls to perform special mission to serve God and His Church or to  be of help.

First : Anyanwu ; second: Nadezhda Kostyuchenko ; third : Heidi, helped by Lidia Baltag ; fourth : Arlene Cativo, helped by profeta Julieta Rodriguez Salamanca ; fifth : Aisuluu Atamkulova ; sixth : Catrinelili, helped by Katherine Marami ; seventh : Isabelle Mendret, helped by Rebekah Bellai ; eighth : Rusaa, helped by Skander Skander ; ninth : Grace Miatlay, helped by Tsameret ; tenth : Mariana Holà, helped by Sabine Schönfeld ; eleventh : Thmee Lu, helped by Angel Lin ; twelfth : Matyr Robbins, helped by Louise Petra ;

Second group :


At first : Lynda B, helped by Marie-Christine Lhermitte ; second : Nelly Garo, helped by Shara Chettri ; third : Nadia List, helped by Natalya Chapoval ; fourth : Géraldine Siani, helped by Sylvie Bimbaud.


For the time being, it will be all !