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Yeshua Ha Mashiach ने Israel - Aviad Cohen वीडियो के लिए एक टिप्‍पणी लिखा है

Yeah, and even in Germany and Austria they will embrace - and a small flock already did and does - the "most important Jew"! And there are more and more Messianic Believers and assemblies in these countries - and todah Adonai - in Israel! Shalom

Yeshua Ha Mashiach ने David White - When Revival Tarries No More PT3 - "Sins Against the Holy Spirit" 11-13-11 वीडियो के लिए एक टिप्‍पणी लिखा है

Thanks for your service, bible work and prophecy. I experienced a refreshing prayer time with you now as well. Concerning the unpardonable sin against the Holy Spirit, I recommend you to study Bill Schnoebelens teachings.

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