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Danny Morosan


To know God and to make Him known and trough sport's to reach His Kingdom...

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Danny Morosan


जून 30, 1986


Brasov, Romania (Brasov)

मेरा आदर्शवाक्य:

To know God and to make Him known and trough sport's to reach His Kingdom...

मेरे मिशनक्षेत्र:

Ywam-Medias-Base (Romania)

मेरे लक्ष्य:

To work with youth, child abuse, human traffiking and to win as many as i can for His Kingdom

मेरी कलीसिया:

God's Army

व्यक्तिगत ईसाई सम्प्रदाय:

God's Army


धर्म प्रचारक (YWAM-er)


YWAM (प्रचार सभाये): श्रव्यपुस्तके, स्वंय नियोजित

कुशलताएँ एंव शौक:

खेल (Cars and adventure)
डुगडुगी ( Feel the beat of your heart and feel the rythm )
काव्य रचना, कविता (Expres your feelings in words )
रंगसाजी, चित्र कला (Let your hand and your imagination, to work together for beauty )
लकडी के काम (Sometimes )
नाटक (Act to send a message)
फोटोग्राफी ( The way that you can picture what God has made )
चलचित्र (Especially the action and adventure one )
बासकैटबॉल (The best sport ever)
वौलीबॉल (Sport team)
ताश के पत्ते खेलना (It's fun)
टेबल टेनिस (Test your rapidity)
बिलियर्डस (It's help you to think)
यात्रा (to see different culture to meet different people )

पसंदीदा धर्मप्रचारक :

Reinhard Bonke, Alejandro Rodriguez and Vladimir Pustan

पसंदीदा संगीत:


पसंदीदा बैंड / कलाकार:

Hillsong, Delirious

पसंदीदा पुस्तकें:

The Bible, Dare to live on the edge.

पसंदीदा फिल्म:

Coach Carter, The Fast and Furios..and Action

मेरा हीरो:

Jesus, My folks, and my mentor

पसन्दिदा छुट्टी बिताने के स्थान:


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मेरा परिवार का मतलब:

The most precious thing that i could have in a lifetime, a place where you find safety, insurance and friendship...


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