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Ayaz John


We have been created for greater things, to love and to be loved. By Mother Teresa of Calcutta

मेरी प्रार्थना

DEAR JESUS, help me to spread Thy fragrance everywhere I go. Flood my soul with Thy spirit and love. Penetrate and possess my whole being so utterly that all my life may only be a |और

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                     THE PATH OF LOVE

"Life is a gift that God given us. That life is present even in the unborn. A human hand should never end a life. I am convinced that the screams of the children Whose lives have been  terminated before their birth reach  God' s ears."

Motther Teresa

" I am sure that all people know deep down inside that the little child in the mother's Whomb is a human being fron the moment of conception, created in the image of God  to love and be loved. Let us pray that nobody will be afraid to protect that little child, to help that little child to be born. Jesus said; 'If you receive a little child in my name,you receive me.'"

Mohter Teresa

 "For me, life is the most beautiful gift of God to mankind, therefore people and nations Who destroyed life by abortion and euthanasia are the poorest. I do not say legal or illegal, but I think that no human hand should be raised to kill life, since life is God's life in us, even in an unborn child."  

Mother Teresa.


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Thank you very much about your message GOD BLESS YOU

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