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Алексей Тарбеев

Алексей|Russian Federation

Христианство - Православие. Orthodox Christianity.


Russian Orthodox Church could help resolve Palestinian-Israeli conflict - Lebanese Premier http://bit.ly/bRRyYE
11:04 AM Nov 15th via twitterfeed

Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia to visit Ukraine again http://bit.ly/beJhqB
10:02 AM Nov 15th via twitterfeed

The website OrthoChristian.Com has opened pages that will be renewed daily in the more well-known social network... http://bit.ly/bq5N1X
3:58 AM Nov 15th via twitterfeed

Faith in Captivity: The Prayer Life of Ingrid Betancourt http://bit.ly/9CJh66
11:02 AM Nov 12th via twitterfeed

Christians 'On verge of extinction' in Iraq, Muslim leader warns http://bit.ly/9y80LG
1:56 PM Nov 11th via twitterfeed

Russian archeologists find remains of supposed monastery in Jericho http://bit.ly/dlBcQd
12:52 PM Nov 10th via twitterfeed

Eastern Europe vs the Open Society http://bit.ly/ca5dxG
11:51 AM Nov 10th via twitterfeed

Churches discuss problem of shrinking Christian population in Middle East. Housing recommended http://bit.ly/9wbhXl
1:35 AM Nov 10th via twitterfeed

Orthodoxy for Anglicans http://bit.ly/9pZId9


День рождения пожелания для вас;


Здравствуйте, и да благословит вас.

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Максот ТВ

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Святая вода и открытия ученых.

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