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Martha Carrasquillo

mmayso|United States

Pastor for Spanish and bilingual church. Church of Nazarene. Christian Motivational Speaker and Author of "Getting close to God" as well as "My pain, your victory" My greatest priority is God

I would like to share my one of many great goals as a pastor.  One that burns in my heart and in my spirit, which is to unite with other men and women of God who deserve to be motivated, uplifted and reminded that we have been called by a purpose for a purpose:  Many sponsor ministries, but few sponsor God's Watchmen who are never quiet day or night spreading the good news about the Kingdom of God as requested in the book of Isaiah 62. Pastors Expressions has been created specifically for Pastors to post their insights of what God is doing and their deepest thoughts about the word of God without any limitations that we may share with one another.  Let us pray for one another, share with one another, provide information that works with one another that we may attain the final output, which is to take the great commision to the ends of the world for His glory and honor!


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My name is Jachin Charley, I am form India. I am serving the Lord as an Evangelist and helping the poor. I have started Jesus Gospel Ministry. Please pray for us. Please visit our website http://www.jesusgospelministry.we


danke und gottes segen

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