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The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us |और

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Welcome to! is the world's premiere faith-based social network with a large multi-media community & web tv platform. Our aim is to connect Christian believers around the world with an imaginative social network and these tremendous media-sharing tools. Give us a try and amplify your message to the world and help cover the earth with God' glory as the water covers the sea!

As a visitor or new user to this site you might have some questions and we would love to answer those for you in this helpful guide. Step by step we're going to go through the main features of this site to help you get into it quicker, so you can enjoy the benefits of the community. 


About the menu:

The top drop down menu is divided into five parts:

1. Home: this is the landing page of allowing the user to sign up for membership, view videos, featured photo galleries, new members, videos being watched right now, or latest news blog for the community.

2. Community: Search for friends or other users by country, region, language, interest. The search options are nearly endless with our helpful filters. Within this space, new discussion forums, and the latest photos and blogs can be found as well. 

3. TV Shows: Video channels that our PRO Users have created. You can watch your favorite Christian TV Shows and subscribe to channels so you are informed whenever a new video has been added. Videos under that area will usually be of higher quality than content by free users so feel free to go there and watch high quality television online.

4. Video: Location of all the video media files within the database. They can be filtered and searched or are available for simple browsing. Channels are available in this area as well. They contain video and audio files that are grouped because they all deal with similar subjects. You can subscribe to these channels too, to stay informed whenever a new file has been added, that might interest you.

5. Audio: Contains all audio files uploaded by members of 

Joining: In order to join this global community, you have to create an account, which is fairly simple. Just click on "Log In / Register" button located in the top right corner of your screen and follow the instructions. You will need to choose an account type:

1. Personal accounts are designed for the use of 1 person. If you want to create an account just for you, this is your option.

2. Family accounts are designed to represent members of families that are registered on If you want to create an account where you can invite all your family members, choose this type.

3. Church accounts can be used by Pastors, leaders or members of a church to present their spiritual home to the community.  They are also an incredilbe tool in connecting the congregation one to another. This generates a greater sense of community and intimacy within the church. 

4. Ministry and/or Organization accounts are designed to help Christian ministries around the world share their visions, goals or to emphasize their cause.

5. Artist accounts are designed to showcase those who minister within the arts. Such as musical artists, worship leaders, photographers, filmmakers, artisians.  It's a fantastic way to introduce your band to new fans on and around the world. 

After you have chosen an account type and provided some basic information, including an email address, you will receive an activation link via email. Be sure to also check the spam folders, because some mail providers might identify this email as spam. As soon as you open that email and click the link, you are ready to go!

Building Your Profile: After your account has been created you can start filling up your profile with any information you want to make public. Go to "My" in the top right corner and then click "Edit Profile" in the right hand navigation. If you wish to keep your age or anything else secret, you don't need to give this information. Just leave those boxes blank. After you are done and all the details you wanted to provide are typed in, be sure to click the "Save Changes" button on the bottom.

Profile Picture: In order to generate a profile picture, click your current profile picture (on the top left corner, when you are in "My"). Next, choose an image of the supported formats. Once uploaded, you will be asked to cut out the area you want to use as the profile picture. Click save.

Edit Settings: Click the "Edit Settings" button in the right hand menu, in order to access the space where you can change your email adress, password and choose how often you want to be provided with news from Right below the text, the "Edit Settings" button allows you to choose language setting options where you choose in which language will be displayed as well as in what languages you desire to watch videos, blogs, forum entries, etc. We filter the information to reach you in your desired language. 

Inviting Friends: Now that you have finished creating your online presence on, you might want to invite some people you know to also use this site. You can do that by clicking "Invite friends" in the left hand navigation and then entering in their email addresses.

Some Cool Features!

Editing Your Pages: Under "My Page" you can start editing your profile page(s). Whoever visits your profile will land on the first tab of your pages. You can add as many pages as you want and then seperate each page into different paragraphs as well. If you want to include a banner on top, simply use the first paragraph with the option "object only", making sure to add a picture to it that is wide enough to span across your entire page.  You can also use paragraphs that feature text only or an object (photo, video ,photo gallery, or audio file) left or right of the text. Be creative and these simple design options will help you to create a personal profile page that truly expresses YOU!

Blogs: Blogs are used around the world as a community tool, to tell people about what is going on in your life, what you think about or simply to share some opinions. As with the profile pages, you can also assign several paragraphs to a blog and design them with objects, such as photos, videos, photo galleries or audio files.

Contacts: Under "Contacts" you will find everyone that has accepted a friend invitation from you or who has invited you. Those that have invited you will always be at the beginning of the list with two buttons underneath their profile picture, one to reject and one to accept the invitation. After you have accepted they will also be listed alphatetically and all your friends are listed by account type.

Posting Prayers: Your account contains a special prayer wall where you can post digital prayers. Your contacts can add their name to the list of people praying over you request, contain all prayers you have opened on and also give the opportunity to open new ones. This feature is a great tool to share with others and your friends will automatically be alerted to what prayers you have posted.

Messages: Contains all the messages you have written to other members or that you have received from them. This feature works in-house only. If you have a question for us, you can send us a message through this account or for technical questions/concerns write 

Forums: Contains forums on topics from Marriage & Family, to Bible Studies, to Sports. Your forum section in your account contains all forums you have started or joined. There is also a support forum where you can ask any questions about this site or make suggestions. 

Media: Contains all your uploaded media including videos, photos, audio files.

One of the main features of this site is the ability to upload, share, watch and discuss various media files, such as videos, audio files or photos. If you select "My Media" in the top navigation of your area you will be able to choose between video, audio and photo. They all contain media files of the respective kind and include the option to upload new files and edit old ones.

Favorites: Video or audio files that you wish to keep on file so you can watch again. You can add a media file to your favorites by clicking "Add to favorites" in the information box on the left side.

Subscriptions: Used for the channels that feature media files that interest you. If you subscribe to a channel you will always be informed when a new video has been added to this channel.



Uploading Video/Audio Files: When you upload a new audio or video file, you will first have to choose a title for the file, then assign the language. After that you can add the description and tags. Choose any tags from our list that may fit your file, but also type in your own tags that may direct more users to your files.

Choose at least two user channels from our list of available channels. Members can subscribe to channels and will therefore be alerted when a new video is uploaded within that channel. You can also assign keynote speakers to video files.  These should be people like the host or a regular speaker on a show, not various guests.  For audio files, type in the artist/speaker.

When you are satisfied with the information about the file you can proceed to the next page and follow the instructions there to upload your file.

Editing Audio Files: Audio files can be grouped into albums. You can easily add to or remove files from an album and arrange the title order.

Photos are uploaded into galleries, like "Photos of Me", "Vacation in XY" or "Our last church event". You can assign any name you want to your galleries and also describe the photos you upload. People can view them but, other than videos and audio files, photos cannot be commented upon or rated.

With any content you upload, please keep our terms of use in mind and refrain from uploading any nudity, violence or other offensive content. Content that violates our terms of use will be deleted immediately.

The 7 Commandments of Smile:

1. Thou shalt not send mass e-mails to other members without asking them for permission first.

2. Thou shalt upload an appropriate profile picture. Either your face, your church or your logo works well as profile pictures. Do not use a picture of yourself for church accounts.

3. Thou shalt not choose the wrong account type. If you are not a church, do not choose a church account.

4. Thou shalt not fundraise on by asking people for money or other support.  

5. Thou shalt trust the Lord for your life partner. Do not hit on other members and do not ask them to marry you without knowing them personally. Be sensitive to other members’ privacy!

6. Thou shalt not post your e-mail address on any members’ cross.board.

7. Thou shalt contribute to the community, bless, encourage and uplift other members. Giving is better than receiving and whosoever soeth – reapeth!


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