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The Anglican Consultative Council, met last week in New Zealand, issued a special prayer for people affected by Hurricane Sandy in the north-eastern US: "Creating God, you have set us |और

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Nashville Airport, 10:05

Apr 24, 2008

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Flying back to Europe

Waiting on my flight to Chicago to catch the plane back to Vienna. And as always my heart is torn - I hate to leave, but I love to get back. Thank you to everyone I met during the past 3 weeks. It has been a very fruitful and exciting time and I look forward to all the good fruit coming out of our meetings. I will see you on TV in Europe and Asia and of course on and nothing less! ;-)

To all my friends in the United States: it would be my pleasure to welcome you in Europe and tour you around. "We are there for you."

Of course this blog cannot miss the first statements about GMA and the Dove awards. I am still pretty tired from last nights events at the Grand Ole Opry - the 39th Dove Award Show. Pretty cool this year, going live to a nationwide network - the "gospel music channel". It was funner than I remember it from resent years - more spontaneity and more worship.

Getting to sit really close to the stage underneath the front left jib I especially remember three moving moments:
1. Michael W. Smith at the Grand Piano surrounded by American Idol contestants breaking out into spontaneous worship with "Holy, holy". The 2.000 dressed up for the occasion guests and artists standing up, hands raise high in worship. Worshipping the true God, the one who truly deserves all our reverence, all our awe and all our thanks! The historic Grand Ole Opry was suddenly filled with God's strong presence, broadcasted live into 40+ million homes and the worship would not stop. TV-production and control room had to switch to commercials and the worship would not stop. That was a significant moment in the history of the Dove Awards.

2. A charity song for a poverty relief program. On stage and on accoustic guitars: Israel Houghton, Michael W. Smith, Steven Curtis Chapman and other grand names. Singing an awesome worship song. Amazing stuff.

3. The final close of the show: tons of big names of the old southern gospel music school (a.o. Ricky Skaggs and a Bill Gaither style orchestra and choir), with Third Day frontman (too funny...) breaking out in spontaneous never ending southern gospel honky tonk - groovy, stylish, amazingly cool! Mac Powell could not resist to bring Kirk Franklin up on stage for a spontaneous dancing session. (line dancers welcome!) Again it blew the live broadcast schedule into pieces and without any closing hosting throws the show went of the air and after the music finally stopped, the directors voice announced over the PA: "Thanks folks. Good night!". That was the coolest close I have ever seen on a show of this type and format... Fantastic!

Conclusion: Congratulations to all Winners and Nominees! You truly deserved it!