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Blessings for you...


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Elena Paulina

Bendiciones, pastor Pedro Luis, que el Señor continue derramando su Poder y gloria sobre su ministerio. Elena.


God shows His grace by showering it on us.


La mission du Secours Protestant est de procurer des dons et les distribuer aux plus démunis.Elle a été créer en 2001. " Et quiconque donnera un verre d'eau à l'un de ces petits parce qu'il est mon disciple, je vous le dis en vérité, il ne perdra point sa récompense. Mat 10.42

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God is under your bed

if you ever look out  behind Eddy's bedroom,you will hear him says:  God are you there? please tell me where you at? ok ,I see you now! you are under my bed!!! Eddy goes down on the floor and it seems like he is looking for one of his toys,he | और

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