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Kairos Foundation|India

Spending time with God is more important than spending time for God

मेरी प्रार्थना

Pray for India, wisdom for its leaders to make right decisions for the progress of the country. For strength to all believers to face any threat or reality of persecution. For people to |और

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Hi Friends Smile,

Let me introduce myself.  I am DP Daniel (M - 49) from Bangalore.  A Social Worker by profession and a believer in Jesus Christ.  I have been associated with works of charity from my teenage days and enjoyLaughing the pressure of such work.  I passionately love my Lord and desire to walk in His ways at all times.

I would like to get in touch with any believer who is passionate about charity works and can mutualy exchange ideas and views.  Feel free to contact me. 

Blessings Laughing


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My Blog

Time in Time

Time in Time is best described when you wish your watch would go a  little slow and the same for other person waiting for you. Just to give you that added time you are seeking for an appointment you are late for or to avoid an embarrising moment when you are | और

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