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"...and those who turn the many to righteousness will shine like the stars forever." Daniel 12:3

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Father God, hide those Christians who live and minister in places where Christians are persecuted for their faith "under the shadow of your wings."

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The cartoon-like pictures in this video come from the book for teens entitled Character Concert which is available from the Barnes and Noble website and amazon.com.  You can also go to the following link: htt p://www.xulonpress.com/bookstore/bookdetail.php?PB_ISBN=1597813206

The Christian teen fantasy entitled Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart is now available.  The novel got a great review from the Midwest Book Review.  I think you'll enjoy the fast-paced plot and occasional humor.  Hafren: A Fantasy for the Young at Heart is available from amazon.com and from the Lighthouse Christian Publishing website fantasy page 2 at the following link: http://lighthousechristianpublis hing.com 

You can also read an excerpt of the novel at this site: http://christianteenfantasy.webs.co m/

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Christian Thriller Trailer

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Christian Thriller Book Video

Christian Thriller Book Video

Here is the book trailer for the Christian thriller entitled Heart of Terror.  The Midwest Book Review | और

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