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Abundance of God Evangelical Sanctuary|Italy

Abundance of God Evangelical Sanctuary (AGES) is a denomination to affect lives. We want to spread the gospel of Christ to dying souls and bring them to His kingdom. We registered 2morrowcounts organization to assist the less priviledges.

Abundance of God Evangelical Sanctuary (AGES) as simply called is a denomination that determines to preach the gospel, take the word to dying souls and bring them to the Lord.

Ages has registered a humanitarian name called 2morrowcounts to assist the less priviledges, take care of abandoned children, Orphans, widows and create job for them.

Another important project we have determined to do is to create an avenue to contribute to giving lives to those affected with HIV/AIDS, assuring them better life and create an atmosphere where they would be embraced by the general public, not seeing themselves outcasted.

We are planning to reach out to some parts in Africa, Asia and South America where we found out that assistance is needed most.

We implore the whole world to support us in this project to put hands of help together to reach as many as possible.


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