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'I'm single & have a wonderful son who means the world to me.I am a real estate broker.I owe my own house.I am a junior partner in a real estate and brokering company in London.I have never been married. I am genuine, loyal, loving, affectionate and spontaneous with that special person and I've come here hoping to meet some good people. I'm pretty down to earth with no pretenses and am originally from England. Even though I love to travel and expect to spend more than just vacation time in many locales around the world. I am romantic and a dreamer. What I'm looking to find is hard to describe but easy to understand. I'm really glad that i am back home now in England . I try to experience all that it has to offer. I help people as much as I can because it brings me joy. I live to love and love to live!! I love music, sports, the outdoors, and hanging out with friends, all the usual cliche's. I enjoy all sports and have a strong, competitive nature. I like to work out and try to keep myself in some kind of reasonable shape. I also enjoy singing, writing poems, and always willing to teach someone, something new & exciting about nature. True friends are the fruits of life. I am an outgoing person yet enjoy the very simple things in life. A sincere and honest person impresses me. I enjoy a good movie curled. Just want to enjoy life and be happy. Why focus on the negative when there is so much to be grateful for.If i have interested you in anyway pls dont hesistate to send me an email back..


Hi Tatiana, I would like to hear from you. God bless you

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Thanks for adding me as a friend of cross.tv, Isabelle God bless you, greetings from Costa Rica


Gracias por agregarme como amigo de cross.tv, que Dios te bendiga Isabelle, saludos desde Costa Rica

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