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मेरी प्रार्थना

Wir sind jeden Freitag um 16 Uhr in der Hamburger Innenstadt um dort das Evangelium zu verkündigen. Jeder Beter ist wichtig!!!!!!

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Единая Святая Соборная Апостольская Церковь

Our social farmstead in 2015, one year old are waiting for a visit of all who seek salvation for the soul to come out from the world of thieves and robbers http://zivilizaciya3.blogspot.ru/2015/06/2-2015.html?sp


Welcom on my Cross tv page! May the Lord our God bless you in every step you do with Jesus ! Blessed easter time.. Go on sharing the Good News op Jesus!!!


Dear beloved! Shalom! I invite you to view our ministry photos and videos of our ministry here in India. Pastor Rao

Единая Святая Соборная Апостольская Церковь

Friend, if you 3 days to read this prayer, and not to carry her to live, then write your proposal, or call me. We can not remain silent. With Love Dr. Baaz http://ru.cross.tv/profile/289024?go=prayers&actio

Единая Святая Соборная Апостольская Церковь

We want to come to you to fellowship and talk about the terms of the dispensation of the New Heaven and New Earth. We are waiting for an invitation. With Love, Doctor Baaz of OHUAC.


danke und gottes segen

Jesus für Hamburg अब CROSS TV DEUTSCH के साथ संपर्क है

Jesus für Hamburg ने प्रार्थना को समाप्त किया

Jesus für Hamburg अब Club700 के साथ संपर्क है

Jesus für Hamburg ने विषय Mission in Deutschland बनाया

Jesus für Hamburg ने नया मंच Strassenmission बनाया

Jesus für Hamburg ने नई गैलरी Strassenmission जोडा है


Go on sharing the Good News!! Be blessed and anointed in Jesus name!!

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