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Albert of France's Ministry

Welcome to Albert of France's Minsitry, Jesus is my Lord, the Lord is coming soon, the end is near so serve the Lord with all your heart to add treasure in heaven and to be ready in prayers and supplication.

Bienvenue dans le ministère d'Albert de France, Jésus est mon Seigneur, le Seigneur va venir bientôt, la fin est proche alors servez le Seigneur de tout votre cœur, afin d’ajouter trésor dans le ciel et d'être prêt dans les prières et supplications.

My ministry consists in many Languages
1- French
2- English
3- Arabic
4- Armenian
5- Italian = I learnt my Highschool in Venezia - Italy, i didn't began yet to make videos in Italian, if the Lord wants, I hope one day.

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Evil communications

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