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It doesn't count how much we do, but how much love we put into it. It doesn't count how much we give, but the amount of love we're giving with. In eyes of God nothing is small. - Mother Teresa

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Daddy. It's been around 3 years since I prayed here publically in cross.tv. What happened since this time? Maybe I'm a bit more experienced as a professional musician, maybe I know more |और

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lilackey lilackey prayer Set it on God! को update किया है


Im always praying for you Lili...Love you dear and thank you sooooo much for these past 3 years of knowing you. Your life and friendship is such an encouragement to my heart :) The Lord will guide your heart to the proper perspective!


Thank you so much, Henk! I'm also happy we can encourage each other even through ocean :) Means of God, like a prayer are still the fastest! Let's use it daily. Amen!

lilackey ने Are You A Christian? Find Out WIth This Test वीडियो के लिए एक टिप्‍पणी लिखा है

WOW! I needed to hear that!!! Whoever you are - still in 2019 it's up to date: the narrow path message from 2000+ years now!!! Blessings from France


I like your photos, ministry concerns with all my heart, I invite you and your team to make a visit our ministry here in India


I like your church and people over there,, We invite you heartily to our Nation India, visit our ministry with kind heart, Hearty Welcome!

Moisés Barbosa

Hello, my the Lord bless you so much

lilackey ने ऑडियो फाईल You were my heart beating जोडा है


3:05 - great modulation from Ebmi into Gmi with soprano sax solo of Maciej Kociński... I am flying away!?! Thank you, God for a music and improvisation!!!

lilackey ने Andreas के क्रास.दिवार पर लिखा है

lilackey ने Stevie Wonder live during breaks at Catalyst वीडियो के लिए एक टिप्‍पणी लिखा है

00:43 Superstition!! We played it last year with big-band - great music, even greater arrangement, man :)) You've heard it live - that's awesome!

lilackey ने नया ब्लॉग प्रविष्टि Liliana Kostrzewa Group जोडा है

Liliana Kostrzewa Group

<- from left: me (Liliana Kostrzewa) - piano, Paweł Grzesiuk - bass, Cezary Konrad - drums

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Liliana Kostrzewa Group

Liliana Kostrzewa Group

<- from left: me (Liliana Kostrzewa) - piano, Paweł Grzesiuk - bass, Cezary Konrad - drums

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