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The Crimea

The Crimea is reputed to be a natural and historical reserve where there are beautiful nature and great number of memorials from ancient and medieval times. The site of these evoke such lines as:
"There are nooks of our land
Where so much is beautiful
That every visit there
Call a feeling of happiness"
                                  Konstantin Paustovsky

"There are lands, those are motionless centuries,  
Buried in a haze and moss,
But there are others where every stone,
Sounds by voices of the epochs..."
                                            Ilya Selvinsky

This site is for those who want to hike for beginners and seasoned travelers, for all those who love the romance of travel.
The amazing beauty of nature will not leave anyone indifferent, lovers of photography can do many wonderful pictures.
During campaigns are practical exercises that help travelers learn the basic knowledge necessary for passing the mountain routes, the ability to help themselves and others in critical situations, guided by the compass and topographic maps, a basic knowledge of herbal medicine, manual massage, by a variety of psycho help uncover hidden reserves of the body and much more.
The route passes through places of power, where you can recharge with pure energy of nature, to fill the vital forces of the body.
With us is interesting!


Hi, my name is Anna My private video collection here http://v.ht/i18ixx

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