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Justin Gruffydd Edwards|United Kingdom

Justin Edwards is a British composer, and founder of peace campaign group WhiteBadge.

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For all of those people across the world who are suffering the pain and fear of violence, let there be a Christian near enough to help them. For those struggling with loss, let there be a |और

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From Wikipedia:

Justin Gruffydd Edwards (born September 19 1966) is a British musician and composer. He is the great-nephew of Sydney Northcote, British musicologist and arranger.

Primarily a jazz pianist and vocalist, recording and performing both as a solo artist and with Welsh Jazz Fusion band New Jazz Aliens, he has also performed as a drummer, guitarist and saxophonist. His first professional appearance was with Welsh National Opera at the age of eleven, since when he has performed on BBC Television, Thames Radio, Radio France, Men & Motors channel and a special appearance on the Welsh Language version of 'This Is Your Life,' where he surprised, and performed with, long-time friend Jenny Ogwen in S4C television's Christmas episode, 1997.





Listen to The Skirrid HERE 


WhiteBadge aims to promote peace in the world with the representation of common brotherhood by a simple symbol, a plain white badge.  Visit www.whitebadge.org to find out more about this new way of bringing peace, and how you can make a difference by wearing a small white badge.



Email WhiteBadge HERE

Call free with SKYPE: whitebadge

WhiteBadge on Twitter: @whitebadgepeace

WhiteBadge on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/white.badge






Contact Justin 

Email Justin at home HERE

Justin on Twitter: @LividLegend


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